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                      2. 關于我們



                        UNITED COATINGS' products offer a world of opportunity for Contractors, Distributors, Agents and Manufacturing Firms throughout the ever-expanding global marketplace. Thousands of structures speak for the longevity of our unique coatings systems on projects in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South, America and even Africa. These structures are more than just successful statements of UNITED's ability. They represent the overwhelming choice of leading Architects and conscientious Owners throughout the world.


                        UNITED COATINGS is currently soliciting overseas Distributors and Agents in various parts of the world to complement those already in place. We pride ourselves on not only being a company that manufactures premium quality protective & decorative coatings, but a company that is fair, honest and easy to deal with. The partnerships we establish are based on trust, and the long term goals we establish with our clients. Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority and an integral part of our corporate philosophy.


                        If your company is looking for a competitive, high quality line of Roofing, Architectural and/or Industrial products to distribute or represent, UNITED COATINGS can provide proven coatings solutions. If you are presently a manufacturer looking to expand your current product selection, UNITED COATINGS has a broad range of unique products that will complete your line. If you are interested in expanding your current business to include the manufacture of paint and coatings.




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